How Diddy take hama pass all di musicians for 2017

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American singer, Sean 'Diddy' Combs aka Puff Daddy don become di musician wey make money pass for whole world dis 2017.

Na $130 million Diddy make dis year.

Beyonce, Drake and The Weeknd na di other artists wey dey follow Diddy for back.

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Diddy no drop any album or even song dis year, so how im take make all dis plenty money?


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Image example Lil Kim na one of di main artistes wey perform for di tour.

To mark di 20th anniversary of im Bad Boy Entertainment record label, Diddy gather all di singers wey bin dey di label before and di ones wey still dey, come do concert tour for North America. Some of di artists wey perform for di tour na Lil Kim, French Montana, Mase and plenty others.


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Image example Diddy dey share profit 50/50 with Ciroc.

For 2007, Diddy sign marketing deal wey worth pass $100 million with alcohol brand, Ciroc. Till today, di entertainer still dey make plenty money from im Ciroc deal.


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Image example Diddy start di fashion line with sportswear for men.

Diddy make around $70 million after im sell one third of im Sean John fashion line wey im launch for 1998. Na sportswear for men Diddy take start di company but as time don pass, Diddy add im perfume line join di company. Empire actor, Jussie Smollett na one of di brand ambassador for di company.

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