Japanese businessman don throw "End of Life" Party

Mor Anzaki Image copyright NHK
Image example Mr Anzaki talk say im wan live im life well-well

One Japanese businessman wey don find say im get cancer wey go kill am don do big party to do im thank you and bye-bye.

Satoru Anzaki carry around one thousand people do party on Monday wey include im friends, former mates for school, im partners for business and im workers.

Di 80 year old man wey be di former president for one of di ogas for machinery - Komatsu bin find out say im get gall bladder cancer for October.

E tell tori people after di party say, "I dey satisfied say I fit tell people wey dey my life say 'thank you'.

E gather tori people to do press conference for dem after di party and tell dem say, "I no want any treatment sake of side effects because I wan enjoy my life now wey I get time."

Im bin announce im plan to hold di party for inside newspaper for 20 November.

Di plan bin go viral as people dey praise am for di idea and others dey joke on top how dem fit get dem invite enter di party.

For di party, Anzaki bin rent space for one Tokyo hotel, come decorate am with memories wey bin don happen for im life.

Because im no want make di event turn to cry-cry matter, e carry dancers to perform from in home town, Tokushima.

Tori people for Japan talk say, e try shake many of di guests for di party to show in thank you well-well.

One of im before worker talk say di party be "very fun event".

"Me too get sickness wey dey do me for bodi so dis one make me dey think how I want take spend di rest of my life," im talk.

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