YouTube pickin wey dey 'make $11 million a year just to open toy

Image example Ryan na one of di 'youtubers' wey make money pass for 2017 (Image: Ryan Toys Review)

Di kain play wey Ryan dey play dey enough to make plenty pickin jealous. Plus plenty adults too go jealous im bank balance.

For 2017, di weekly YouTube video wey dey show di 6-year old American dey open toys make reach $11 million.

Ryan na di star for di Ryan Toys Review channel, and wetin di channel dey show na only videos of di pickin as im dey open and play with toys.

According to Forbes magazine, di pickin rank number eight ontop di list of di YouTube stars wey dem dey pay money pass.

Since March 2015, when dem upload di first video ontop di social media website, Ryan don get like 17 billion views.

Image example Between June 2016 and June 2017, Ryan channel get almost eight billion views (Image: YouTube/Ryan ToysReview)

Buy why people dey trip for dis pickin and im toys?

Boy wey nobodi know

Even though Ryan na one of di most popular face wey dey ontop Internet, e get plenty things about Ryan wey people no know. Nobodi know im last name, or where im dey live. For one of di very few interviews wey im parent give, im mama say na Ryan by imself think am to get channel when im be three years old.

"Im dey watch plenty channels wey dem dey talk about toys; na so im ask me one day say why 'im no dey ontop YouTube like other pickin dem.' So we just decide say yes, we fit do am," na so Ryan mama talk ontop Tubefilter dia website last year.

She never still reveal her identity.

"We come carry am go di shop to pick im first toy- If I remember, na lego train set- and na so e start."

Di pickin make im first appearance for video wey show as im open reach 100 toys wey dem hide for plastic eggs. People watch am pass 800 million times.

For January last year, di number of im subscribers reach one million and since then, im followers just dey increase. Di Ryan ToysReview channel don get pass 10 million subscribers now.

Image example Ryan dey also do educational and scientific experiment dem ontop im video dem. (Image na from YouTube/Ryan ToysReview)

Making money

Ryan no be like say im know say dem dey film am for YouTube - dis one no be like wetin dey happen for other channels wey dem too dey make money too with dis "unpacking" videos.

"We dey upload one video per day and we dey record three at a time, two times or three times a week", na im Ryan mama add to her talk-talk with Tubefilter.

But some people don talk say Ryan parents dey do business and dey take advantage of dia pickin.

"We no dey interfere with im school. Most of di time we dey film for weekend and we dey edit di video when im dey school."

Dis na di reply Ryan mama get for dem.

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