Facebook: 'Take a Break' if you no wan see your ex post

Di take a break feature go give user control for dia page. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di take a break feature go give user control for dia page.

Break up no be sweet experience at all for people wen don pass through am before as e fit lead to depression and affect di behaviour and looks of di person wey e happen to.

Facebook don introduce 'Take A Break' option wey go help users comot dia ex and avoid make anybody no remind dem of wetin dia ex dey do.

According to di company, "millions of people dey break up on Facebook each week, dem dey change dia relationship status from 'in a relationship' to 'single'.

Research wey dem don do on di experience of people after break-up show say if di person dey see things wey im ex-partner dey do, whether offline or online, e fit make am dey hard to recover.

Facebook no wan see 'men na scum' for dia side

Social media fit destroy society - Former Facebook oga

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Image example Facebook oga Mark Zuckerberg say dis new feature na to encourage good social interaction.

Di 'Take a Break' go give people di control on top wen dem like see dia ex on Facebok, which post dia ex fit see, and who fit view dia before-before posts where dem mention dia ex.

Dis feature only dey available now on Facebook for mobile.

Dem advise people wey wan see changes dem fit make if dem no wan too see someone for Facebook, to go- facebook.com/take_a_break for dia phone web browser.

Di site also get "snooze" option, wey go allow users to fit hide person, page or group for 30 days without di stress to unfollow or unfriend dem.

All dis new changes dey happen as oga dem wey don work for Facebook before bin don come out talk about how social media dey harm people and di society.

Users of Facebook don also begin dey talk for social media on top wetin dem think about dis new features.

Di Chief executive for Facebook-Mark Zuckerberg explain give tori people why dem dey do all dis changes for di site: "We want people to use di time wey dem dey spend on top Facebook ginger better social interactions".

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