Why Apple dey say sorry

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Image example Apple launch im latest phone for November.

Apple don apologise to dia customers after dem gree say, true-true, dem slow how some of di old iPhone dey take work.

Apple apologise to dia customers wey dey use old iPhones, after many of dem complain say di battery life of dia phone dey short and di phone sef dey slow.

Di company say dem decide to apologise after dem hear plenty complain from dia customers.

Dem tell customers say, "we know say some of una feel say Apple disappoint una. We apologise."

Inside di statement wey dem release, Apple say dem no intentionally reduce di life of dia product or make am slow to force customers make dem upgrade dia iPhone.

To try make dem happy, dem say for 2018, na only small money dem go charge people wey wan replace dia battery.

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How battery life be

Di life of phone battery depend on how many times you charge battery and di kind way you take use di phone.

Battery wey dem charge for hot environment dey quick old pass di one wey dem charge for cold environment.

All of dis dey affect chemical wey dey inside battery.

When chemical dey low, battery no go work well and di phone fit off im self sometimes.

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