Di top memes and popular videos for 2017

Roll Safe for im BBC documentary
Wetin we call dis foto,

Roll Safe for im BBC documentary, for di pose wey don make am di meme of di year

No be lie say, internet don become part of our life, whether we want or not.

Noah Smith, wey be tori person for Bloomberg talk say for, "Fifteen years ago, di internet na place people wey wan escape from di real world dey go to.''

Between fake news and cyber-attack, di internet for 2017 sometimes get as e be.

With dis one for mind, consider say dis list na some of di things wey make people laugh, ginger dem or give dem inspiration - and sometimes na all three.

Di Turkey chef

Di internet like style and swag. With Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, im score. Di way im dey prepare food with style, and di way im dey spray salt with attitude make people dey call di father-of-nine “salt bae”.

Think am man

British-Nigerian Kayode Ewumi na di brain behind one BBC show, Roll Safe (R.S), about one artist wey dey London.

Di series popular, but Ewumi imself come popular all over di world because of one photo wey im dey touch im head.

Di blinking man

For February, one video of one man wey people dey call “blinking guy” spread after dem show am for one show for America wey dem dey call Good Morning America.

Di man, Drew Scanlon, dey move im eye up and down for di video.

Di happy pickins dem

Wetin we call dis Video,

During live interview for BBC News, di pickin dem of one expert enter TV room without permission

Dis na one of di most popular video for 2017.

Prof Robert Kelly wey be expert on top North and South Korea matter, dey show regular for BBC News. But for January na im own family di world dey talk about.

As di expert dey talk to BBC, im four-year-old daughter Marion, march enter di room.

E no too tey, when, her brother James also follow. And then, Kelly wife and di pickin dem mama, Jung-a Kim, use karate run enter di room and save di day.

Di family worry say dis go spoil di connection dem get with BBC, but na di opposite wey happen.

Di longer throat boyfriend

Dis photo of dis man and im partner spread like wild fire for 2017.

Di couple for dis photo, Laura and Mario, na models wey pose for one photoshoot wey come popular.

Black Friday...British style

Na for America, Black Friday first start but e don spread to other parts of di world.

Nothing your eye no go see for Black Friday, like fighting, pushing, abusing, on top say people wan buy cheap things.

But for Britain, dia own style dey different.