New Year: How countries take cross enter 2018

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Governor Ambode for One Lagos Festival

Plenty different ways dey wey people take enter 2018 to celebrate di new year.

From party to bell ringing, to tradition wey people get to bring good luck for new year, make we see how different countries take enter new year.


Many churches get overflow as plenty of dem do crossover service to enter di new year.

Dis tradition dey popular sotay, e trend enter social media dis year.

Some people do crossover another way...dem turn up for di One Lagos Festival wey di state arrange.

Image copyright Accelerate TV
Image example Plenty people and musicians for Lagos show for di new year concert
Image copyright Accelerate TV
Image example Fireworks full di sky for di OneLagosFestival show
Image copyright Accelerate TV

No be for only Nigeria dis one dey happen as e dey popular for Ghana sef.

South Africa

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Image example For South Africa, dem get tradition to throway furniture to enter new year

For South Africa, dem get wetin dem dey call furniture throwing.

Dis na when dem troway old furniture from outside window to show say dem want new things for di new year.

But police and di government wan put stop to am as e dey cause wahala for house wey dey far from ground for di people wey dey waka.


As part of dia celebration for di new year wey get plenty fireworks for major town, Sydney, dem also take time to celebrate di same sex marriage wey dem don add for inside dia law book.

Fireworks get rainbow colours to celebrate di same-sex marriage.


Dem get name wey dem dey call each year wey dem dey enter. Dis year na di year of di dog.

Dem don even post am for dia twitter page.

Most Japanese find dia wey enter Buddhist shrines where some of dem dey ring bell 108 times. For Buddhism, dem believe say e dey comot earthly desires before you enter di new year.

Even for South Korea, dem dey ring bell to enter inside di new year, to add to am, every person dey add year to dia age.

United States of America

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Image example New York ball drop no be new thing and dey get plenty security so e dey safe

For many cities for USA, dem dey get plenty celebrations to enter di new year.

But one of di ones wey dey popular na di ball drop for New York wey dey happen for Times Square every year.

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