Five ways to better health for 2018

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As New Year don start, many people go wan improve dia health in one way or another. Dis five things dey important to remember for inside your journey to make 2018 good year for your body.

1. Find wetin dey motivate you

Wetin be di reason why you wan improve on your health? Na to lose weight so that clothes go fit you well-well? Or so that you no go dey quick tire, and energy go dey to do your work? Whichever one e be, make you dey honest and no lie to yoursef, so that you fit reach your goal without distraction.

2. Put plan down

If to say you wan go long journey, you no go just jump enter car begin go, instead you go prepare for am. Correct plan wey get di things wey you wan do for your body suppose dey down before January 1. But no worry say that one don pass because e no too late to get plan. Remember say e better to get small small steps of things instead of one big plan.

3. Track how you dey do

E no just dey okay to put plan down but how you go achieve am and di time wey e go take to complete am suppose dey. Say you wan reduce sugar wey dey inside your body, e go dey wise to arrange how you go take dey test yoursef for sugar level. Next, you go look all di food wey you dey chop now to see how you fit comot or reduce di ones wey get plenty sugar inside.

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Image example Doctors dey say vegetables and fruits dey very good for people to eat

4. Take am slow

One major mistake wey many people dey make for health plan na to do everything at di same time. Anything new for di body go take time for di body to accept am, di more reason why you must take am slow. If you rush your plan to dey exercise, you fit see say your body go dey begin pain you.

5. Ready to win, no matter what

Any change for your health wey you want make e dey permanent go take plenty time. During that time, you fit do small mistake, forget di plan or motivation for am fit no dey again, dis one dey normal. Di thing to do na to adjust yoursef, and continue on di journey when you don ready. After all person no dey stop journey, stay for middle of road because say im forget to bring sponge to take baff.

Everyday na opportunity to improve your health for 2018!

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