Size na big thing for Donald Trump?

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US President Donald Trump don use social media fire back North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un when im talk say im nuclear launch button big pass Kim own.

Na Kim first start dis year battle-of-yabis between di two leaders when im talk for Monday say na for im table im dey keep di button to launch nuclear bomb.

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Image example Dis Tweet don get more than 260,000 'likes'

As usual, social media don scatter with dis latest Trump another level talk-talk.

People dey vex for Trump how im dey joke with serious matter while im supporters like how im answer back Kim with pepper.

But another thing wey dey usual with dis tweet na how Trump dey like to drag di matter of size.

Trump/North Korea: Top 5 yabis

Social media wan catch fire as Eminem yab Trump

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Image example Trump swearing-in for 2017 (left) and Obama own for 2009

Swearing-in ceremony

E no reach 72 hours after Trump become US president wey im begin fight US news companies on top di number of people wey come for im swearing-in ceremony.

Tori people talk say di number of people wey come Obama swearing-in pass Trump own, but Trump say na im own big pass and US tori people dey blow big lie.

''Journalists dey among di people wey dey lie-lie pass for dis planet,'' Trump talk.

Dis na di first of dozens of fight-fight di new Trump government go get with US tori people.

My hands dey too big

Hurricane Harvey na one of di big tropical storms wey deal with America last year.

Trump use Twitter tell im million of followers how dis particular hurricane na di worst wey don ever happen for America history.

When di president visit one townhall for Houston, Texas, im hail di size of di crowd wey come see am, ''I wan thank everybody, just see di crowd.''

Trump also show for one camp wey NGOs workers dey share things people go need to survive.

As Trump wan wear glove to join di workers, im turn to di press come say, ''My hands dey too big''.

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Even im name, 'Trump' mean something wey big

Bankole Williams wey be behaviour expert tell BBC Pidgin say, Trump na person wey like to do big things, like build big company, win big position like di US presidential election for 2016. Because na big victory dey make im head swell, dey sweet am pass for belle.

''Power dey important to Trump, see that American television show im do before-before, 'The Apprentice', na like god im be,'' Williams talk.

''E fit be di way dem train am from house, things im pick up from school or di kain people wey im dey waka with dey make Trump carry imself like big person .''

''So dis na di tori im no go stop to tell people, say im na big man wey get big plans and fit do big things whether e true or e no true.''

''And if im supporters no dey complain on top di way im lie, abuse and bully im rivals to become di most powerful man for world, e mean say im do something wey correct, so why im go stop now.''

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Image example Trump dey see Obama as rival

Donald Trump don try to cancel all di things former President Barak Obama don do, including for health, environment and business.

Some people for social media dey talk say na because Obama na one person wey don make am feel small.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori