Wetin dey make plenty people for Iran do I-no-gree?

2009 Iran protest Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di last time Iran see big protest like dis na for 2009 wen dem say wuru-wuru dey election

E don reach six days of fight-fight for Iran wey more than 20 people don die and plenty sef don injure.

Across di whole country, many people, especially young men, don enter street to complain say things hard - no job, no money and in short make dia leader - Hassan Rouhani - comot from office.

Di government bin talk say people get right to protest in peace, but plenty of di protest don dey violent.

Video wey some people don post for social media don show police dey fight with people for street and some dey show people dey attack public buildings.

Since Saturday wey all di protest start, dem don arrest pass 400 people for Tehran, di capital. Na di semiofficial news agency ILNA carry dis one and na from di political security deputy for Tehran governor office mouth, Ali Asghar Naserbakht dem collect dis tori.

On 2 January di supreme leader for Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tell di world say na "enemies" dey cause all di palava.

Khamenei enter im website to write say: "As day just dey go, enemies of Iran dey use many things like money, gun, politics and corner-corner to arrange wahala for di Islamic Republic."

But who be di enemies? Im no call anybody name.

Some people wey dey look di situation talk say na style wey di leader dey use talk say di enemy dem get na Saudi Arabia, US and Israel.

And e be like dia head fit dey dia.

US President Donal Trump don already use Twitter to talk im own.

As di people dey continue di protest for Iran, people for world dey look as di thing dey go because fight-fight for Middle East get as e be.

Different country dem wey don see dis kain thing fit get better or things go bad pass.

Saudi Arabia don accuse Iran say dem get hand for fight-fight wey don affect countries like Yemen and Syria.

But US ambassador for United Nations, Nikki Haley, talk say di protest dem start just like dat. She say US wan arrange emergency UN meeting.

Protest like dis don happen before?


Na 2009 Iran see dis kain protest but e only happen for Tehran, di capital.

Dat time dem call di protest "Green Movement" and dem do am say dem no support when di president of dat time, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, win election.

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