Japanese 'Eddie Murphy' don enter yawa

Japanese comedian with his face painted black Image copyright Twitter/Locohama
Image example The small drama dey inside one new year TV show

People for Japan don vex troway yab give one TV programme wey one comedian paint im face black to copy American actor Eddie Murphy.

Dem say di programme dey racist and e no think of oda people culture.

Na for New Year eve dem show di programme for television and inside, you go see popular comedian Hamada dey do like Mr Murphy for di film 'Beverly Hills Cop.

Im come paint im face black for di show.

People don comot for social media to talk say na rubbish thing e do.

Na One writer, Baye McNeil, wey be black man and wey dem born for US but don dey live for Japan for 13 years now, carry di mata enter Twitter.

Im talk say "If you need black actor, you suppose go find black actor wey fit speak Japanese".

But di mata don catch fire for Japan as some people dey wonder whether Japanese people know say dis kain thing no pure.

Other people talk say di comedian no do anything bad, say im just wan hail Eddie Murphy.

But Mr McNeil talk say people suppose dey careful and consider sensitive things wey some people fit no like.

No be today dis kain yawa don gas for Japan. Advertisers don cause small katakata before when dem use Japanase actors wear blonde wig come nack long plastic nose on top to act white people.

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