Queen Bee: Women dey block other women progress?

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Image example According to research, women no dey stop other women progress

After one company do study to know whether women dey help demsef progress for work place, dem find out say true true, women dey help demsef. But what if na di opposite dem find?

What if e be say instead make female ogas help, dem dey comot ladder under dem because of fear say dia junior women workers go take am climb up?

Di name for that kind behaviour na queen bee syndrome.

For 1973, three professors of psychology for University of Michigan be di first people to give dis behaviour dat name.

G.L. Staines, T.E. Jayaratne, and C. Tavris say queen bee syndrome na when woman wey don climb reach top level for inside work or industry where men full, go begin dey make things hard for junior women, but no go do am to junior men.

Dem use queen bee because for inside di place wey bee insects dey live, na only one queen dey dey, and na she big pass; all other bees dem must remain servant to am.

Many study wey research people don do conclude say even though e no dey common among women dem, some women dey wey just like to put sand-sand for other women garri.

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Image example God & Margaret Thatcher na book wey Dr Eliza Filby write about life of di first female UK prime minister

Dr Eliza Filby, historian for King College London, wey write book about Margaret Thatcher, di first female Prime Minister for UK, say Thatcher na like queen bee because "im no promote or help di careers of other women for her government".

Advise of sabi people for Human Resource be say if as woman you meet queen bee for your career or work, make you dey very careful. No rush go report am, no 'do am back', no set trap for am because if e backfire, e no go funny for di person.

Queen bee go attack non-stop.

But women no need to worry because queen bee dem no plenty for dis world, according to di many study wey dem don do on di mata.

Evidence, dem say, show say many women dey support demsef at every level.

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