How e be say lightning kill 80 cows wey dey field for Brazil - and why nobodi fit eat dem?

Di animals wey shock die on top lightening
Image example Di dead bodi of di animals wey dem find under tree

Farm for south-east Brazil dey try gather demself back, after lightning kill-kill wey kill plenty animals dem.

E pass 84 of di cows and bulls wey just die troway like dat for Tuesday night after lightning bin hit dem during storm. E happen for one village of Pedregulho, inside Sao Paulo state.

Wetin local media dey talk be say, na when di animals dem run under tree to hide for di rain na im dem die.

Dis na di biggest amount of animals wey don die at once for Brazil as any person fit remember.

Dis particular death of animals cost around $100,000 and di worst thing be say dem no insure di animals, according to member of di family wey own farm.

No chance to use di animals for chop

To come make everything worst, local authorities don say dem no fit use di meat from di animals do anything.

"Wetin we go advice na make dem burn di cow dead bodi or make dem bury am. We no go fit say if di meat for di cows dem dey safe on top how di blood take thick for inside di cow no go allow dem bleed and e dey necessary make di blood comot to prevent contamination," na wetin talk-talk person for di Ministry of Agriculture tell di BBC.

Image example Electricity for storm na im kill like 300 reindeer for Norwayf or August 2016. Photo: Norwegian Environmental Agency

Na dangerous something

E dey common to see human beings wey dey die on top say lightning fire dem, e be like say around 24,000 people dey die every year.

But, farm animals dey stay for outside pass human beings and dey more at risk. And during storms animals like to dey join bodi wey fit make am easy pass when lightning fire.

To dey hide under tree sef no dey help dem at all.

Image example Lightning strikes na one of di main reasons why animals dey die by mistake

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