2018 Winter Olympics: North Korea go send team go

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Image example Dis kain meeting go be di first of im kind in two years

Nothing fit bring people and countries together like sports, na wetin people dey talk, as South Korea don take coole bodi talk to North Korea on top how dem go enter di 2018 Winter Olympic games.

Na early dis morning North Korea say dem go send delegation to di Olympics, wey go hold for South Korea capital Seoul, for February.

"Sports na something wey don always bring people together and once again e don happen with di North and South Korean situation," na wetin Muzha Kucha tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Faith Oshoko.

Di breakthrough announcement come as di countries meet for di first talk-talk in more than two years. Di way North Korea don dey test missile and nuclear weapons don vex di South, and other countries, especially US.

Dis delegation wey North Korea wan send go include athletes and supporters.

Mr Kucha wey be broadcaster say e dey happy because if North Korea fit send athletes, then "di bad belle wey dem get for each other don dey reduce."

Emmanuel Orodu wey be Finance Officer say apart from sports, di fact say dem dey talk, and "di United Nations or US never begin nack head or point finger fit be anoda wey to reduce all di nuclear threat wey bin dey come from North Korea."

Another person wey talk im mind say na Ngalim Eugine Nyuydine wey be di Executive Director for di Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace.

Im say: "I see say na very good thing sake of say e go allow for talk-talk and cool temper for North and South Korea. Dis go fit change de way weh pipo di see how military de build up for North Korea."

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Image example Dis year Winter Olympics dey happen by February for Pyeongchang

Wetin else North and South Korea talk?

South Korea say e go good if people wey di Korean War don separate fit do reunion during di Winter Olympics.

Dis matter na something wey dey touch di heart of both countries; South Korea don dey push tey-tey make more reunions.

If all dis plan go ahead, di reunions fit fall during di Lunar New Year holiday, wey be di middle of di Pyeongchang Games.

South Korea also make call for athletes from both Koreas to march together for di opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Nobodi know yet how North Korea respond to all dis offers.

Di last time wey both countries march together under di Korean Peninsula flag na over 10 years ago, for di 2006 Winter Olympics.

Oga Kucha say di talks wey happen for di Panmunjom "peace village" wey dey inside di demilitarised zone (DMZ) for di border of both countries na good sign.

"We fit expect better relationship between North and South Korea after di sports," na wetin Oga Kucha im add.

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