Oprah for US President: Cartoon fit show di future

Oprah fit be US President for 2020 Image copyright Sony Pictures
Image example For 2006, Boondocks bin show say Oprah fit be US President for 2020

Many times people dey watch cartoon make dem laugh as e dey sweet dem for belle.

But as e be so, if you dey follow wetin dem dey talk inside e go be like say some things wey dem dey show be things wey go happen for future.

Why e be like dat? Dem get juju abi dem don already play fast forward for di CD wey everybodi dey watch as world matter dey go?

After Oprah Winfrey do speech wen she collect award for Golden Globes wey happen for US last Sunday, 8 January 2018, na im people dey talk say she go be di next US president.

But di cartoon Boondocks don already carry dat tori for 2006.

Boondocks na black cartoon wey dey talk plenty matter wey dey affect black people for America.

Whether you dey see am or you dey close eye dey watch your television, e get some things wey cartoon don show before-before and now, di things don dey happen.

Make we check some of dis kain things.

President Donald Trump

Image copyright 20th Century FOX
Image example Na year 2000 Simpsons show Donald Trump as US president

For 2000, di Simpsons cartoon show Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Dat time wen people watch am, e be like joke.

After Trump, dem come show say na woman come win election to be dia new president.


Machine wey dey run things for person be another thing wey cartoon don show go happen.

Di cartoon 'Di Jetsons' wey run for 1960s show one machine, 'Rosie di Robot Maid' wey dey clean di family house.

Image copyright ATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Sophia na robot wey resemble human being and Saudi Arabia give am citizenship

And now, e be like say no be lie.

Different companies don arrange robot wey fit do different things, from dog to even di one wey resemble human being and dey talk sef.

Flat TV screen

Di same 'Di Jetsons' cartoon also show flat TV for di first time.

Image copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment
Image example Di Jetsons first show Flat TV screen for 1960

Now flat screen TV dey everywhere.

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