New features for Facebook news feed: Wetin e mean for you?

Woman wey dey use her phone Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talk say e go reduce di time users dey spend for di social media site.

Young people don dey put mouth on top new features wey Facebook wan put for dia news feed, and di oga for there say dem go listen, stop to dey pack so-so tori from companies inside.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg write for im Facebook page. E say e go make sure say whenever you enter Facebook go be "time well spent."

Im talk say di new features go:

  • Put content wey people wey dey produce news and pages dem for di bottom of di news feed.
  • And go carry go up for di feed things wey your friends dey share on top Facebook. Ypu go see more things from friends, family and groups wey you dey inside.
  • E go also promote communities of people wey get things wey dem dey like discuss like TV shows or sports.

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E talk say dis go be di changes wey Facebook wan bring out dis year, and e go start to dey show in some weeks' time:

But BBC technology tori person, Dave Lee think say di move dey come on top di wahala wey happen for di United States. Di mata na as Facebook go answer questions on top Russia part inside di 2016 presidential election for dia website.

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Other people say small businesses wey dey use Facebook grow dia business go also get problem with how to promote dia business for Facebook.

Dis person talk say e happy say im get business education because of all di people wey dey vex for di new changes wey oga Zuckerberg wan make.

Dis person say na good thing wey dey happen:

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

Another thing we de for inside dis tori