Police seize container wey get cocaine inside pineapple

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Police seize container wey get cocaine inside pineapple

Police for Portugal and Spain say dem don seize plenty cocaine wey dem find inside fresh pineapples, and dem arrest nine members of one gang wey dey transport am from South America.

Di fresh pineapples with cocaine inside am, bin dey inside shipping containers when dem seize am.

According to tori people Reuters, aside from di 745 kg of cocaine wey police seize and di people wey dem arrest, police also scatter one laboratory where dem dey carry other things mix with di drug.

Di investigation wey lead to dem seizing di 'cocaine pineapple' bin start for April 2017 and e involve authorities from Portugal and Spain.

Di Iberian Peninsula na main area wey cocaine and other drugs dey take enter Europe, as e fit come direct from Latin America or through North and West Africa.

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