Califonia Police: Mama, papa never fit explain why dem chain 13 pickin dem inside house.

Dis na when di Turpin family renew dia wedding vow Image copyright David-Louise Turpin/Facebook
Image example Photo wey show di mama, papa and pickin dem inside uniform and say dem happy

One mama and papa never fit tell California Police wetin make dem lock dia 13 pickin dem inside dia house.

Tori be say David Allen and Louise Anne Turpin lock di boy and girl pickin dem put for on dark room and chain dem inside dia house for California.

Even neighbours not fit tell how long wey dis mama and papa don dey do dis kain thing for Califonia

Some of dis pickin dem wey dis mama and papa lock so dey between 2 and 29 years old but police say dem look like small pickin dem because dem no dey eat better food.

Na after di 17 year old girl pickin among dem escape go report di matter, na im police rescue dem.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori