Apple need to put eye for bug matter - Developer

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Image example Apple never answer on top di matter

New bug don land for Apple iPhone and Mac Computers. Dem dey call am "text bomb"

Na software developer, Abraham Masri tweet am say e fit cause iPhone dem to crash.

Di bug dey work when you send person link, whether di person open am or not, im phone don catch di bug.

Mr Masari talk say im dey always warn people on top im bugs before im carry dem come outside.

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Image example Di bug dey cause Safari to crash for Macbooks

For Macbook, di bug dey make Safari to crash among other things wey dey slow because of am.

But e no mean say make users dey fear.

One oga on top security, Graham Cluley talk say di bug no get security implications, e just dey very annoying.

After di link waka for social media, Mr Masri comot di code but dem go fit recreate am.

Why Apple dey say sorry

Apple still never answer on top di bug report. E no go be di first itme wey dem go get wahala from bug.

For November, dem suffer shame when bug expose say you fit open di latest Mac operating system without password.

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