Male sex robot with 'bionic penis' go enter market dis year

Sex dolls Hong Kong Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Sex dolls for men dey sell well-well, like dis ones for di Asia Adult Expo for Hong Kong on August 30, 2017.

After female sex robot 'Harmony' enter market last year, male sex robot deh laboratory and e go fit enter market later dis year.

Matt McMullen CEO, for Realbotix company weh e di make de sex robot, tok for tori people say dey di make male sex robot weh e penis go fit "pass vibrator."

Im say na de same material weh dey use for make female sex robot, but scientists dem di still work for one part of for de male sex robot, e, 'bionic penis'.

You fit pay N800k for dis sex doll?

De bionic penis go deh for different sizes and go fit perform for as long as de person want, na wetin McMullen di suggest.

Dis oga say na for seka equality weh deh make male sex robot, laik answer pipo weh say woman na object.

De male sex robot go be na companion for woman to tok to and interact with yi, na so Realbotix Boss de think.

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