Supermoon: Wetin you suppose know about di lunar eclipse

Blood moon Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na blood red moon wey bin happen for 2014

Di colour of di moon for di world go change tonight Wednesday 31 January.

No dey fear, di full moon go cast shadow on top of di Earth and e get as you go see am for your side but e got pass one hour wey di colour of di moon wey resemble silver go be like say e red.

Another thing be say dis total lunar eclipse go dey happen as second full moon dis month dey show and dis one go cause another matter wey dem dey call "blue moon."

Dem dey call all of dem together as "super blue blood moon".

No be end of world things wey some people don dey talk, na just luck e take happen and dis kain luck never happen for like 150 years - e don tay well-well.

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Super blue blood moon

But wetin be supermoon?

Supermoon be full moon wey dey show for di time wen di moon dey close to Earth.

Even as supermoon go big pass and light from moon go shine pass as e dey do wen moon full on 31 January, e no mean say person go fit use dia normal eye take see am like dat.

How you fit see am

If you get luck, you go fit see am for early morning. If cloud come block your front, di National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) dey run live feed if you wan see am.

Tori be say many people wey dey live for South America, Africa, and Europe fit no see di moon sha.

Dis latest supermoon go be di third one wey show for 2018 and e go be part of di 'supermoon trilogy' according to wetin NASA dey talk.

Di former two supermoon dem bin happen on 1 January 2018 and 3 December 2017.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori