Pope Francis: 'Pray for DR Congo and South Sudan'

President Joseph succeed im papa Lauren Kabila wey die for office. Image copyright AFP
Image example President Joseph Kabila of DR Congo wey dey here with di Pope, succeed im papa Lauren Kabila wey die for office.

Pope Francis don invite Roman Catholics, all Christians and members of other religions sef to use 23 February as day of prayer, fasting and things wey go bring peace.

Di leader of di Catholic church for world talk dis one to tens of thousands of people inside St. Peter's Square during im weekly blessing on Sunday 4 February.

E beg everybodi make dem 'say no' to violence and fight-fight, because of di "sad way conflict dey tey around di world."

Dis 23 February na Friday wey dey inside di first full week of di Christian season wey be Lent; during Lent, people dey fast, no dey chop food anyhow, and everybodi suppose do things wey di religon see as holy and good.

Di Pope say: "everybodi with dia won conscience, for front of God, suppose ask 'wetin I fit do for peace?'"

"Of course we fit pray but not only dat one; all of us fit say 'no' to violence in our own way, because any victory wey person get through violence na fake one, while if everybodi work for peace, e go benefit all of us," na wetin im talk.

Di leader take mouth mention say make those wey no be Christians or Catholics still join dis matter as dem fit, together.

Im add say na special prayers and fasting suppose happen for di people of di Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Dis month na im heavy fight-fight resume for di Democratic Republic of Congo, after dem shoot protesters di victims bin dey protest against President Joseph Kabila.

Meanwhile, na long war and hunger dey kill plenty people for South Sudan.

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