Elon Musk Falcon Heavy rocket blast enter space, no shaking

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Di rocket bin dey carry di red car of SpaceX Oga Elon Musk

US entrepreneur Elon Musk don launch im new rocket, di Falcon Heavy, enter space from di Kennedy Space Center for Florida.

Di giant moto- wey get power pass any oda shuttle - lift comot from ground with no palava as in rise over di Atlantic Ocean.

Before dem launch di rocket, many believe say test flight dey very risky.

Image copyright SPACEX
Image example Di plan na to send Musk red car go space

Di SpaceX CEO, Musk talk say di challenge wey dey to build new rocket system mean say di chance say im go dey successful na like 50-50.

"For my mind, I dey see say big explosion go happen, tire go roll comot ontop road. But fortunately no be wetin happen be dat," im tell reporters after di event.

Now wey dis launch don happen, di Falcon Heavy na im reliable pass for di world as big rocket.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di head of two booster wey dey on di rocket return back to earth

Dem design di Falcon Heavy so dat e go fit carry up to 64,000 kg enter space - dis na like say make you carry five London double-decker bus enter space.

Musk say im rocket fit carry double di load wey one rocket Delta IV Heavy fit carry, and di cost less, like 30% of am.

Because di experiment dey risky, dem decide not to carry too much load - dem carry Musk old red Tesla sports car.

Image copyright SPACEX
Image example Di Falcon Heavy na three Falcon 9 wey dem tie together

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