Ancient British 'Cheddar Man' people bin get black skin before-before

Cheddar Man
Image example DNA show say early British person wey dem call 'Cheddar Man' get black skin

One new scientific tests show say British people wey live 10,000 years ago go don get black skin and blue eyes.

Researchers from Natural History Museum for London comot DNA from Cheddar Man, wey bi name of di complete skeleton wey old pass for Britain, wey dem find for 1903.

University College London research pipo come us di information to take build how di face go don look like.

Wetin e mean be say di light skin wey modern Europeans get no be like dat before.

Image copyright Channel 4
Image example Dem keep di real skull of Cheddar Man for di Natural History Museum, England

Dis na di first time wey dem don do test on ancient British people. Because of dis, plenty things don come out about di first people wey settle for Britain after di last Ice Age.

Dem comot Cheddar Man skeleton from ground 115 years ago for inside Gough's Cave, for Sommerset, UK. Later, when dem look am well-well dem see say di man short pass modern human being and im height na about about 5ft 5in and e look like say im die for im early 20s.

Image example Prof Chris Stringer don dey study Cheddar Man for 40 years

E be like say light skin people enter Britain with some people from Middle East around 6,000 years ago. Cheddar Man go don mix well-well with dem.

Na later-later British people dark skin begin change to come look light.

Image example Dem do anoda Cheddar Man skeleton to take replace di original one wey dem dig comot for ground

Dem also say di test show say e be like Cheddar Man no sabi drink milk as adult, say na after Bronze Age e come begin sabi how to drink milk.

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