Snapchat: Why one million people dey vex?

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One million people don sign petition make Snapchat change dia latest design.

Di social media app do changes wey go seperate di way wey friends dey talk to themselves from branded content, including things from celebrities dem too and those people wey get plenty-plenty followers wey others dey like listen to well-well.

Di oga of Snapchat Evan Spiegel write for im blog say im believe say di two type of content resemble each other well-well, and na im make fake news dey increase.

But, plenty-plenty people wey dey use Snapchat say dis new system dey hard to use.

Nic Rumsey, wey organise di petition, write say: "many of di new-new things wey dem add put dey useless, or e no help di original plan wey Snapchat been get for some years now."

Na for website, dem post di petition, among di many- any appeal to Snapchat to return back to di original state.

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Image example Nigeria Snapchat celebrity Bobrisky dye liek to use di social media app well-well.

User now get to swipe left to see and talk with dia friends, and swipe right to see branded and celebrity content.

Kylie Jenner ask her Twitter followers wetin dem think of di changes; she gree with one of her followers wey reply say im hate am.

Snapchat talk ontop statement say di updates "fit take time to understand am."

"We hope say di community go enjoy am once dem get use to am," na wetin dem add put.

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