'Facebook, no dey put eye for people' - Court

Mark Zuckerberg dey expand Facebook

Wia dis foto come from, DAVID RAMOS/GETTY

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis ruling dey come as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bin dey expand di site

Social media website Facebook dey for serious hot water for Belgium, as one court there don order dem to stop to track Internet users without permission, or pay fine up to 100 million euros.

Na Reuters dey reports say Belgium say dem dey carry finger point give Facebook because wetin di company dey do no follow Belgium privacy laws.

For statement na im di Brussels court add say Facebook must "stop to dey follow and record Internet use by people wey dey surf inside Belgium, until Facebook obey with di Belgian privacy laws."

Di court also tell Facebook to delete all di data wey dem don gather illegally, including dione from people wey no dey use Facebook.

Then Belgium privacy watchdog say di social media site don dey break privacy laws because dem dey put cookies ontop third-party websites.

Meanwhile, Facebook say dem go must appeal.

Tori be say dis na di first ruling inside any European court wey dey challenge di way Facebook dey use technology wey dem need to take dey hammer dey go.