Kylie Jenner don make Snapchat to lose $1.3bn

She bin dey take picture of event for Australia

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

She be part of di 100 most followed people for Twitter for 2017

Snapchat don chop better uppercut for dem value after Kylie Jenner talk say she don tire for di app, say she no dey do again.

As she tweet dat one for morning, na so di company lose 1.3 billion dollars for stock market.

As price dey fall, na so di new mama Jenner, just post say na Snapchat be her first love.

Dat one no even help di stock price as di price continue dey drop dey go.

BBC technology tori person, Rory Cellan-Jones talk say na because di business never start to dey make money na why share prices fit go down based on people wish be dat.

Dis na because investors dey fear anytime person talk on top di brand.

Matter don start to dey spark after Snapchat bring out new features. People begin complain sotay one million people don start campaign on top di matter say make Snapchat waka back to di way dem dey do before.

E no help say Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp get features wey resemble Snapchat.