Florida School Shooting: Trump say school policeman na fear fear

Donald Trum for di Conservative Political Action Conference Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Im talk say e support gun use but e no want make people wey get mental problem get di gun

US President, Donald Trump say di policeman wey bin dey outside di school as dem shoot 17 people for Florida last week "do bad job".

Di man, Deputy Scot Peterson bin resign after investigation show say im no face di attacker.

Trump say Peterson fit be "fear fear man" wey "no do well when pressure bin come".

Florida governor, Rick Scott talk say make dem put law enforcement officers for all di public schools for di state.

Im also talk say make dem give "active shooter training" to students and staff for Florida public schools, say e dey plan make dem increase di lowest age wey person fit buy gun to 21 years.

For di Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac) for Friday morning, President Trump say im dey for law wey dey protect gun laws for America.

Before, im talk say make di teachers dem dey carry gun too so di school go safe.

Na on Thursday, di Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel comot say Peterson wey bin dey for front of di school bin dey for outside as di shooting bin dey go on inside four of di six minutes wey di shooting happen.

Im don collect suspension and follow resign after di mata comot for outside.

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