Man bite, come chew snake head

di man wey bite snake and di snake wey im bite. Image copyright ANI UP
Image example Say nake bite man na normal tori, but for man to bite snake?

One India farmer provoke bite snake head comot as revenge say di snake bite am first.

Local tori people for ANI UP India report say, dis strange tori happen for Uttar Pradesh state for Hardoi district, north India.

Sonelal, tell villagers say as im dey dey take care of im cows na im di snake come bite am. Di thing vex am no be small, so imsef kuku bite di snake head, come chew am before e spit am out.

Villagers rush am go hospital as im bin dey unconscious. But di doctor and pharmacist wey attend to am say, dem "look for bite mark" dem no see.

Im doctor, Dr Mahendra Verma say, wetin make am unconscious na because im chop part of di snake body wey venom dey inside.

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