China wan change law to make dia leader Xi Jinping tey for power

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Image example Since 1990s China don get law to stop presidents to do pass two 5-year term

China ruling Communist Party wan change di country law to allow current President Xi Jinping to serve more than two terms, wey dia law no currently allow for.

Dis mean say Mr Xi go remain as leader afta di time wey im suppose step down wey be 2023 because China law say presidents no fit do pass two 5-year terms.

Mr Xi, 64, na one di pickin of di people wey form di party and small-small im begin climb ladder until im become president for 2013.

Since then, China economy don dey grow, corruption don dey reduce but human rights abuse still dey happen.

Di party announce say dem get plans to remove di part of law wey talk say "di President and Vice-President of di People's Republic of China no fit serve more than two terms back to back", official tori pipo Xinhua bin report on Sunday.

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Image example Opposition people for Uganda believe say President Museveni dey lie about im age

If Jinping party succeed, di mata go resemble African countries like Uganda and Gabon wey dia leaders don over tey for power.

Last year, pipo accuse Uganda president Yoweri Museveni say im even arrange money for local lawmakers dem to take ginger dem so as to support change of law to increase age limit for presidents. Di mata serious sotey dem carry fight-fight enter parliament.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame run for third term for 2017. Dis na after dem change law to allow am. Im win by 98,79% and e fit dey power until 2034.

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