Saudi Arabia: Women go jolli if dis 5 things change

Saudi women for stadium Image copyright FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Image example Saudi women don dey free to enter stadium, watch game

Dis week, di Kingdom of Saudi Arabia don for di first time, open application for women wey go allow dem join di military.

Dis na just one of di u-turn wey government don begin do since last year, wey dey give Saudi women freedom wey dem never enjoy before.

As things dey for ground, Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman don promise say na moderate Islam im country go dey do from now, make di country good for people wey wan do business dia.

Image example Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman na di most powerful person for Saudi Arabia, after di king

King Salman bin don talk say women go begin drive from June dis year, while dem don allow women to fit watch football matches, from last month.

Other things wey women dem fit do now

  • Dem fit work without di permission of di-man-for-house
  • Government don allow girls for public schools to do sports
  • Foreign women wey dey live for Saudi Arabia no dey by-force need to wear veil

But e never finish for dia, e still get plenty things Saudi women still no fit do. Some of dem na:

Image example Saudi women for boutique

Try new cloth for boutique

Saudi Arabia na sweet place to buy things because big supermarkets dem full ground and clothes no too cost.

But e dey normal for boutiques make changing room no dey, because na only men dem dey do salesmen.

Di idea say woman dey inside changing-room, dey remove one cloth, dey try another one dey give Saudi men dem headache.

So big supermarkets dem dey put changing room near bathroom wey go far from di shop, and customers no too like am.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example E dey hard Saudi women to open bank account

To open bank account

As things dey, more and more women dey work and start dia own business, but simple things like to open bank account dey get palava.

Na when man like her papa, brother or husband give Saudi woman permission, na im she fit open account.

Dis one mean say, woman no fit move money anyhow for her own bank account and e no dey totori dem.

Image example If marriage enter k-leg, Saudi women must wait until her pickins reach age before she go fit fight for dem

Keep children, when marriage scatter

If man and woman divorce, woman no fit just waka comot with di pickin, by law.

She must wait till di boys reach seven years, and girls reach nine years, before law go allow her carry dem go.

Image example Saudi women dey wear 'abaya' before dem fit comot from domot

To dress as dem like

E dey illegal make woman dress for sake of say she wan fine for Saudi Arabia.

Wetin dey allowed na simple style and make-up.

If woman wan waka comot her domot, she must wear abaya, wey be long cloth wey go reach her toe.

"Dressing for beauty" dey illegal; na modest clothing and make-up dem dey encourage.

Image example Dis kain public pool dey forbidden for Saudi Arabia

To enter water go swim, for public swimming pool

Women no dey swim for di same pool wey men dey use.

But dem fit swim for only di ones wey dey private, or for women-only.

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