Man shoot and kill im fellow party guest wey wear bulletproof

Image example Bulletproof

One man for di US state of Texas don die for party afta im put on bulletproof and anoda party guest shoot am.

Houston police and rescue workers wey rush go di domot, wey di shooting happen, talk say di bulletproof man no comot for di house alive afta dem shoot am for chest.

Police neva talk weda di bullet pass di bulletproof before e enter di man chest or e pass area for im body wey di bulletproof no cover.

Investigators dey try check wetin cause dis kill-kill, weda na game dem dey play or na accident.

Houston Homicide Sergeant Mark Hollbrook talk say e no too common make pipo dey wear bulletproof and dey play with gun for party, but dis things fit happen sometimes.

Tori be say na about six to eight pipo bin dey di party.

Meanwhile police don arrest di suspect for one hospital wey im dey receive treatment for one palava.

Police say dem go release di name of di suspect and charge am for Monday.

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