DJ wan comot album wey go make person sleep

DJ Tom Middleton Image copyright Getty Images
Image example E don collect training to be "sleep science coach"

How you think say concert for sleep music go be?

You go fit ask DJ Tom Middleton wey wan comot with album wey go help people to fit sleep wella.

Di name of di album na 'Sleep Better'.

Im talk say "I no want make you listen to my music" when im dey promote di song.

E talk say na im waka with sleep as im dey do im work show am say e go like do music wey dey make people sleep.

Middleton don work with plenty foreign artistes like Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg.

E work with brain scientist for di test on top di music whether e fit help people to sleep based on di beat of di song.

On whether e dey work, im talk say, "We don put warning say 'no listen to dis if you dey drive, work with machine or you dey under water'. As we dey work am e dey work. Heart rate dey reduce and people dey sleep."

Another thing we de for inside dis tori