Coca-Cola wan do shayo drink

Three cans of coke Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Coke say dem no sure say dem go sell dis drink outside Japan

Big mineral company Coca-Cola don announce plan wey dem get to do shayo drink for pipo wey dey Japan.

Dis na di first time for di history of di company wey dem go do drink wey alcohol dey inside.

One drink wey get small local Japanese shayo (shochu) inside don dey reign for Japan and Coca-cola wan use dis dia new drink take do experiment for di market.

Dis local drink get alcohol level wey reach around 3% to 8%.

Jorge Garduno wey be senior oga for Coke say im no dey sure say dem go sell di drink outside Japan.

Na mostly women wey no wan take beer dey drink dis Chu-Hi as e no get plenty alcohol.

Many companies like Chi-Hi, Kirin, Suntory and Asahi don dey do dis kain drink and e get different flavours like grapefruit and lemon.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori