Scientists don discover new antibody to treat HIV

Things wey dem dey take do HIV test Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis research dey show di progress dem don dey get for HIV treatment

Scientists don discover HIV antibody wey fit slow di virus for nearly six months without taking additional treatment.

Dem talk dis one for di 25th conference on retrovirus and opportunistic disease for Boston USA wia dem dey discuss how dem fit get beta beta way to help pipo wey get HIV.

Anthony Fauci di Director for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases wey dey support di research say, “antiretroviral drugs fit press di virus to very low level but e dey quick grow to high level wen di person stop to take di drugs. Dis research show say e dey possible to reduce di level of di virus without medicine wey dem go dey take every day.”

Dis mean say di money to treat pipo way get HIV go reduce and dem fit get beta life as dia health go improve.

Di research pipo say wen e compare di antiretroviral therapy wey dem dey take everiday, di antibodies for HIV dey last long pass for di body and e beta well well for HIV management and e show say e dey possible to treat HIV without taking medicine everyday.

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