India don give sick citizens right to die

Nurse wey dey help patient for hospital room. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some pipo feel say hospitals dey use life support machine to dey charge plenty money for patients wey fit no wake up again

Supreme court for India don allow di kontri pipo to get "living will."

Dis one mean say if person dey sick, di person fit tell di hospital to stop treatment so dat im go fit die jeje.

Na only pipo wey dey sick serious sickness wey e e be say life don almost end patapata, fit ask for dis living will.

Judges for India say na person right to die with im shoulder up and pipo wey dey support dis new judgement, hail di judges.

Vipul Mudgal wey be one of di supporters of di judgement say e make sense as hospitals no go dey put sick pipo for life support machines, dey collect plenty money.

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