How pickin lock im mama iPhone for 47 years

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Bad things fit happen if you give pickin your phone, na wetin one mama for China find out.

According to tori from South China Morning Post, di mama leave her iPhone with her 2-year-old pickin, na so di pickin by mistake lock di phone for 25 million minutes, wey be like 47 years.

Di pickin bin put di wrong password for di phone plenty times.

"Any time im enter di wrong password, e go dey increase di time wey di phone go dey locked," according to di report. "Di mama come back house one day wen she check her phone she see say her phone don lock for 25 million minutes."

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Na so she carry di phone go Apple shop, where technician give her two options: one na to wipe everything comot so she go fit use am or...wait 47 years until di phone unlock by e sef.

She tell dem say na di first option she like.

"I no fit wait for 47 years to tell my grand pickin say na her papa fault," na wetin di mama talk.

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