Donald Trump call Tillerson to sack am – about 3 hours after im tweet am

Rex Tillerson Image copyright Getty Images

For inside im first public announcement since US President Donald Trump announce for Twitter say im don replace Rex Tillerson, di Secretary of State talk about why US must dey careful of Russia.

Tillerson talk say Mr Trump call am on Air Force One small time after 12pm, wey be about three hours after di president announce im sack for inside tweet.

"Wetin dey important pass na to make sure wahala no dey for di handover time when di country dey face serious policy and national security palava," Tillerson bin talk.

Im also say im go leave final-final on 31 March and na im deputy go dey do di work.

Tillerson criticize Russia

Im say Washington need to do more to take respond to Russia "behaviour and actions wey dey cause problems".

"Russia must take time to consider how wetin dem dey do go benefit di pipo of Russian people and di world."

"For dem to continue like dis fit make odas no follow dem relate."

Image example Nigeria na di last country wey Tillerson visit before announcement of im sack show for social media

Tillerson salute im fellow workers

Tillerson address im colleagues wey im dey follow work say: "All of us bin take di same oath of office.

"All of us get di same commitment, to support and defend di constitution.

"We dey gidigba here for Washington and for di different job positions across di world.

"Di world need leaders like dis wey no go too think about demsef.

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