Florida shooting: High school student do #NationalWalkoutDay

High School students wey dey protest for #NationalWalkoutDay for gun control in front of white House for Washington DC Image copyright Getty Images

One month after one gun man shoot 17 students die for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Florida, USA, High school students don do protest waka comot for schools on top gun violence palava.

Di students dey do di protest waka to honour di 17 students wey die for 17 minutes on top #NationalWalkoutDay and #Enough and dem dey demand say make di American government take strong hand tackle gun mata for USA.

Many parents dey support dia pickins for di protest waka for social media say no be only for schools but dem want to dey safe for dia house, office and streets too.

Dem don plan three national action to take end gun violence palava for America.

14 March na for #NationalWalkoutDay, 24 March na for #MatchForOurLives and 20 April na NationalSchoolWalkout

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