Dem don jail woman wey shoot and kill her bobo for YouTube video

Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz. File photo Image copyright Youtube
Image example Di couple like to dey post play-play video ontop YouTube in di hope say e go make dem popular

One US woman don chop six months jail sentence after she shoot and kill her boyfriend as di two wan try do YouTube video wey go make dem popular.

Pedro Ruiz, 22, ask Monalisa Perez, wey bi 20 now, to stand near am (30cm) and take gun shoot am for chest, say di thick book wey im hold go block di bullet.

Di bullet enter di book wey dey 1.5in thick, come out for di oda side, as e kill Ruiz last June.

Perez, wey get 2 pickin, later say im guilty to second-degree manslaughter for court.

Wetin di couple bi wan achieve?

Perez and Ruiz don dey document dia live for Halstad, Minnesota, ontop videos wey dem dey put for one YouTube channel in di hope say dem go dey popular for internet.

Image copyright Twitter/@MonalisaPerez5
Image example She tell Police say na her boyfriend bin get di idea no be am.

Dem dem post play-play video online wey no too serious but nobody expect di kain thing wey happen on 26 June 2017.

On dat day Perez fire one powerful Desert Eagle handgun into Ruiz chest, who carry encyclopaedia in front of im chest to try stop di bullet.

Di couple three-year-old pikin dey dia dey watch even as di bullet enter Ruiz chest kill am.

Perez call 911 wey bi emergency number for US to report say she don shoot her boyfriend.

Ruiz die for dia house.

Perez dey pregnant with dia second child at di time di matter happen.

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