Special coded Blackberry wey drug dealers dey use


United States Department of Justice don charge one senior oga of one company wey dey produce coded smartphones wey notorious criminals dey use.

Investigators say Phantom Secure, wey be Canada company, don make 'millions of dollars' as e dey sell special Blackberry phones give drug dealers like di Sinaloa Cartel.

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Image example Authorities say before you fit use di phone, na somebodi wey don dey use am already go to vouch for you. Na dia way to make sure say dem no fit catch di phone.

Di na di first time authorities for US go target company because dem dey do coded technology for criminals.

Na last week dem arrest Phantom Secure CEO, Vincent Ramos and dem charge am on Thursday, plus four oda pipo wey dey follow am work.

Di BBC still dey try talk to Phantom Secure.

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Image example For 2016, Apple no gree give tool wey authorities go use to unlock di iPhone of Syed Farook, di man wey get hand for mass shooting wey 14 pipo die inside.

Blackberry never chook mouth and investigators no talk whether di company dey corporate with dem ontop di case.

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Image example Agents say e reach like 20,000 Phantom coded handsets wey pipo dey use all over di world.

Di charge be say dem do mago-mago and dem put hand to help distribute illegal drugs.

Na life in prison if dem find dem guilty. Mr Ramos na di only pesin wey dey jail now.

US attorney Adam Braverman tell BBC say Blackberry no be di only phone wey pipo don re-design to do illegal something.

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