US visa applications go soon need five years of social media info

Visa applicants fit begin submit dia social media history to US government to get visa. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Pipo wey dey find visa fit begin submit dia social media history to US government

State Department for US want to change visa applications wey go make am must, for everibodi, both immigrant and non-immigrants, to expose dia social media handle to di government.

Di new rule want make foreigners wey wan apply for visa to include dia social media usernames for different platforms like: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, email addresses, phone numbers, international travel — all from di last five years.

Di State Department wey wan submit di document give Federal Register on Friday, talk say dis change go affect 14.71 million applicants, including those wey dey apply as students, for business trips, or vacation.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example US State Department say dis plan na to confam di identity of pipo wey wan come US

Once dem don file dis plan give Federal Register, di public go get 60 days to comment on top am.

But before dis plan go begin work, di Office of Management and Budget (OMB) must approve am.

US State Department talk-talk person for di Bureau of Consular Affairs -Virginia Elliott tell ABC News say: "To Maintain beta screening standards for visa applicants na dynamic practice wey need to adjust to any threat."

"If we collect dis additional information from visa applicants e go help our process to know who dem be and confam dia identity."

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