YouTube shooting woman suspect bin dey provoke for her video post'

Screengrab from suspect's website

Wia dis foto come from, Nasim Aghdam

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nasim Aghdam bin dey vex say YouTube bin dey block her videos and dey reduce di money she suppose make.

Di suspect for one gun attack wey happen for YouTube headquarters inside California bin provoke dey vex on top di wey dem treat her video post, na wetin media report talk.

Police don name Nasim Aghdam, wey be 39 years, as di suspect but dem say dem still investigate wetin make her do wetin she do.

US media say Aghdam bin dey vex say YouTube bin dey block her videos and dey reduce di money she suppose make.

Di Tuesday attack wound one man and two women. Di attacker die after she shoot herself.

Police for San Bruno, California, say evidence neva land yet say di attacker know di victims.

Dis na how YouTube shooting start

Wia dis foto come from, TWITTER/@ERINJEANC/via REUTERS

Wetin we call dis foto,

People gather outside YouTube building raise dia hands up as di incident take happen

Wetin we sabi about di suspect?

Nasim Aghdam live for San Diego inside southern California.

Police reveal small information but US media say she bin dey operate some number of channels and one website, dey post videos on top some subjects including mata wey concern bad tins against animal.

Dem don delete di channel.

Aghdam na pesin dem sabi as vegan bodybuilder, artist and rapper.

Nasim Aghdam provoke against YouTube on top her personal website

For January 2017 she post one video dey complain say YouTube dey block di tins she dey post, dis dey make her get small number of pipo to see her videos.

On top her website she also talk against YouTube, dey say: "Videos from users wey Youtube dey target, dem dey block and even push am down, so dat people no dey easily see dia videos."

Aghdam palee, Ismail, even tell local US media say she dey vex because YouTube bin stop to dey pay her for videos.

Di tin be say pipo wey post video fit receive money from link advertisements but di company fit "no give money" to channels for plenty reasons, remove adverts from di channel. E no clear weda na wetin happen with Aghdam material.