Google workers no want make dem use dia technology do war tins

Google logo on top building

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For di US, many pipo wey dey work for Google don sign petition say make dia company oga no use dia work to do join bodi with di Department of Defense.

Dem tell dia CEO Sundar Pichai make e just stop am.

Na last month tori comot say Google dey do one 'Project Maven' wey di Pentagon go use artificial sense to look foto from drone dem.

Dem suppose use di project to help army mata as dem dey do different missions wey dem dey find different pipo and places from map.

But di mata no sweet at all for di pipo wey dey work for di company because dem Google no get hand inside war mata.

New York Times report say e reach 3,100 workers wey don sign petition.

Di workers talk say dis army mata fit vex pipo wey dey use Google or personal parole because dem go worry say internet companies go carry dia information do oda tins.

Di company don put mouth for di mata say dem dey support di way dia workers get mind to talk wetin concern dem so dem go look di mata well-well.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di workers wan make Google CEO Sundar Pichai remove dia hand from war technology

Why di workers dey fear

Google na one of di world biggest internet company wey pipo dey use and di mata be say dem no wan do anything wey go make users dey look dem one kain.

E neva tay wey many users for Facebook on top how Cambridge Analytica carry pipo information go do wuru-wuru for elections inside Africa.

Anoda tin be say di company get Google maps wey pipo dey use to find wia way and e no go funny if dem start to dey use dia information anyhow.