Antelope Case: Indian actor Salman Khan don comot jail on bail

Salman Khan as e bin dey enter court with police around am

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Salman Khan bin get 'bad-boy' image over di years

One Indian court don give Bollywood superstar Salman Khan bail two days after dem sentence am to five years for say im kill antelope wey no too common twenty years ago.

On Thursday, Khan collect di conviction for Jodhpur wey include a $154 fine.

Di court rule say e bin kill di two blackbucks, type of antelope wey dey protected under law, when im dey act film for 1998.

Im lawyers try scata di testing of di animals and weda di witnesses dey reliable.

Plenti people bin dey outside dey watch di case even as two group bin dey protest ontop di mata, one group bin want make dem give am bail and di second group bin want make dem add for im punishment.

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Salman don get plenti movies for im belt wey don even pass India

Who be Salman Khan?

E be one of Bollywood most popular actor wey don do pass 100 films from romance enter action.

Some films wey im don act inside na Ready and Bodyguard, wey pipo know for plenti contri dem.

E popular for social media sotey im get pass 30 million fans for both facebook and twitter.

E go spend time for prison?

E neva sure because dis no go be di first time dem don sentence am for dis kain offence before.

In fact, state government dey find way to carry one sentence wey court suspend for 2006 before dem finally cancel am for 2016.