Facebook go send Cambridge Analytica warning to users

two different messages wey you fit get from facebook by 5pm British time. Image copyright facebook

Pipo wey get Facebook account, go find out from 5pm British time on Monday, weda dem dey among 87 million wey Cambridge Analytica share dia information.

Everybodi wey get account go get one out of two emails wey go tell dem if dia account dey affected.

Pipo go also see all di apps wey dem bin use for Facebook and which kain informate di apps gada.

Di company decide to do all dis one afta CNBC tori pipo report say, facebook suspend anoda company CubeYou wey dey like Cambridge Analytica because dem use di same tactic gada information.

CubeYou say, no be true because dem dey always obey di law.

Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg dey prepare to give two days testimony to US Congress for Washington.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Mark Zuckerberg bin talk say facebook go try beta make nobody dey use pipo data anyhow

Another thing we de for inside dis tori