Argentina don sack policemen wey claim say rat chop weed dem seize

Di police officers dey blame rats say na dem chop di missing igbo. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di police officers dey blame rats say na dem chop di missing igbo

Di security minimiser for Buenos Aires, Argentina - Cristian Ritondo don sack eight police officers wey claim say na rats chop more dan half of di igbo (marijuana) wey miss afta dem seize am.

Police raise alarm give internal affairs afta dem find out say 540kg of igbo dey miss from di 6000kg wey dem seize and don register two years before.

Di police commissioner-Javier Specia wey dey in charge of di facility wia dem keep di igbo, togeda with im boys dey blame rats for di missing drugs.

Local tori pipo report say di oga dem wey hear di mata no gree believe di police officers claim. Dem even quote wetin expert from Buenos Aires University tok say: "rats no go make mistake see igbo as food."

According to di expert, if di rats true-true chop di igbo, dem for don die by now and police for don see dia dead bodi.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Expert say rats no go confuse igbo for food

Marijuana dey cause danger to some animals. National Public Radio for America report one time say some dogs wey use mistake go chop igbo begin get seizure and fit later die.

For now e neva dey clear if di igbo dey miss because di officers abandon dia work or dem get hand inside.

Di eight officers go need to go testify for front of judge about wetin really happen to di missing drugs next month.

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