Dem suppose ban homework and test for school pikin dem?

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Image example E dey common for schools to give pikin homework for Nigeria

Stureskolan school wey dey for di town of Boden, Norrbotten County inside Sweden don ban homework and tests to reduce stress and help foreign student wey newly come di school.

According to report from di local TV station for di kontri, di school principal Petronella Sirkka say dem dey always receive new reports about pikin dem wey no dey feel well because dem dey pass through very high stress level. She say "dis na our way to try reduce dat stress."

Di principal say for now, di ban na for all students and all subjects throughout April, except di national tests wey dey compulsory and if di test period waka well, dia plan na to put full-time ban for 2019.

Nigerian schools fit adopt dis style?

Asifamabia Mishael wey be proprietor for Trinity International School for Rivers State, south-south Nigeria, say test and homework dey very important for di education of pikin because if teacher no test and continue to test student, dem no go fit know if di pikin dey do well or understand wetin dem teach.

Madam Mishael wey get masters for education administration tell BBC News Pidgin say education no be moi-moi or something wey pesin go just relax. "If any pikin want to be di best, dem need to work hard", she talk.

She add say: "E no good say school wan make things dey easy for di children den dem go come stop test and homework to reduce stress."

"No area of life wey no get stress. Homework na part of assessment, test na part of continuous assessment."

According to her, teacher need to know weda di pikin don sabi wetin dem dey teach.

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