Why Mark Zuckerberg dey talk sorry

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Image example Both di senators and house of rep members grill Zuckerberg for about 10 hours

On Tuesday and Wednesday April 10 and 11, Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg face America congress panel after tori come out say one data company Cambridge Analytica, collect data from pipo to influence election ontop facebook.

Aside from America election, tori come out too say dem put hand for elections for kontries like Nigeria wey don talk say dem go chook eye inside di mata.

Di 2-day panel wey last for like 10 hours na to find out among oda tins how Cambridge Analytica fit collect di profiles of Facebook users to support Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Zuckerberg start di session first wit apology. Im say: "We no reason our responsibility on a large scale, and dat one na mistake."

"Na my mistake, I dey sorry, na me start Facebook, na me dey run am and I dey responsible for wetin dey happen there." Na so im talk.

Di senators dem and house of rep members fire am some hot questions ontop mata wey concern privacy and data protection.

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Image example Zukerberg no too shake for front of di camera and di lawmakers dem

How much power Facebook get?

Wen one senator ask am to name im biggest competitor, Zuckerberg no get ansa to dat one. Some of di senators feel say Facebook dey too powerful but im no reason am like dat.

Facebook dey spy you?

Di panel use di opportunity to ask am if Facebook dey use style listen to users phone conversation.

Im ansa no. "As I understand am, a lot of di case dem wey feel like say Facebook dey secretly listen to your conversation na coincidence," im talk.

Oga Mark how you go like am if dem kolobi your data?

"Oga Zuckerberg, you go fit tell us di name of di hotel where you sleep last night?"

One of di senators ask am dis question and im first freeze before im answer "no".

Di senators use dis example to clear am about why pipo wey dey use Facebook dey concerned say dia information no dey safe.

'I go tell my team to get back to you.'

As e be say you no go fit face dat kain panel make you get ansa to all dia question, oga Zuckerberg comot wit some take home assignment, e get different questions wey dem ask am and im response na "I go tell my team to get back to you"

Im suppose do im assignment and get back to di America congress on some tins like di kind data dem dey collect from pipo wey no dey use Facebook and clear rules ontop how to protect underage children.

Dis na di first time di Facebook oga go face di US congress since im start di social media website.

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