Syria air strike: ''We dey sure say we don hit our targets'' - Theresa May

Theresa May Image copyright Getty Images
Image example UK Prime Minister Theresa May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May don talk say di military action dem follow join di US and France do for Syria for early mo-mor Saturday na win-win.

May still talk say for her mind, she sure say dis action na di correct tin to do.

Di US, UK and France bomb different government targets for Syria after dem accuse di President Bashar Al Assad-goment say dem use chemical weapon, attack dia own pipo for di town of Douma last week.

Di US Defence Ministry talk say di explosions affect one military base for Damascus, wey be Syria capital and two other areas wey close to Homs city.

But Syria goment say dem use dia own missile destroy many bombs before dem touch ground, scatter evri where.

Syria TV don show as dem shoot down 13 missiles but na 100 missiles di US-led attack bin rain down for Syria.

Di Russia ambassador to di US don talk say dem no go sidon just dey look dis attack wey US and the rest don do.

Di na di biggest attack wey western countries don do President Bashar al-Assad's government for seven years since di Syria civil war start.

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